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Money Drop Plus


NEW PLAY - NEW RULE### Especially with thousands of questions are updated frequently
“This game is phenomenal”“If you were looking for a game to play that's fun and educational this is better than any other game out there”
"Money Drop Plus" game is educational and highly intellectual. Help you cultivate a lot more knowledge.
You want to become the hero of the show "More Money Drop" and you are sure of your knowledge? The well-known show "More Money Drop" has always attracted you with its interesting questions and adrenaline?
Now you have the chance to win your first million (even if only virtual) with the help of your knowledge. Test your intellect resistance! Just 15 questions. Four response alternatives and only three jokers. The difficulty of the questions increases with the proposed amount. This puzzle is not for the nervous and for those who are unsure of its forces. The victorine contains 10,000 issues!
The main differences of the game "More Money Drop":
The basic question is always renewed. There are more than 10 000!The interface is comfortable and understandable with dazzling graphics.There is the spreadsheet of global records. Write your name in the history of intelectuelles battles! You can see all your results in a special section.Soon the questions of special categories will be available in the game and you will have the opportunity to play with friends.
"More Money Drop" You can learn a lot of new information and interesting facts!
Prove the superiority of your intellectual ability and show everyone that you know more than your opponent! Million awaits!
Designers are not connected with the creators of the original show.